Gulf Coast residents react to lower gas prices

Lower gas prices
Lower gas prices(FOX10 News)
Published: Aug. 7, 2022 at 12:57 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Gas prices are finally on a downward trend in the United States and continue to fall locally. Prices are now below $4 in many areas.

People filling up their tanks Sunday morning said they are very pleased with the cheaper gas prices.

“I am stoked, there’s nothing else I can say better than the gas prices going down,” said Harrison Weisinger, a Spring Hill College student, “this old rust bucket here, it was getting me low on the bank account and now money’s coming up, it’s a good thing, man, gas prices going down are great.”

For others who travel for work like Eddie Etheredge, he said the prices could be better but it’s lifted a big burden off his company’s shoulders.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to get excited about $3.67 a gallon for gas but I travel for a living and on the road, most of all of the weeks and I know it’s been a burden on our company, the high prices, so we’re pretty excited about seeing them coming down,” said Etheredge.

While some people are ecstatic about lower gas prices, others said although it’s great to see, they believe it’s only a temporary fix.

“They’re lowering them because the election is coming up in November and when the contract goes in force with the Russian gas that we’ve been receiving from them in, the middle of November after the elections prices will be going back up again so get it now while you can,” said Cindy Barrett.

Cindy Barrett said their car takes diesel fuel and usually fills up for $175, so lower gas prices have been helping in the meantime.

As of Sunday morning, the national average cost for regular was $4.00 according to AAA.

In Alabama, it’s $3.65 a gallon. That’s 14 cents less than a week ago and 69 cents lower than a month ago.

Right now, the average price for gas in Mobile and Baldwin county is $3.73 according to AAA.


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