Chickasaw Police say a mother, boyfriend fire shots at store after teens allegedly rob her son

Police are looking for the mother’s boyfriend.
Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 9:44 PM CDT
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UPDATE: Arrest warrants have been signed for three people police say were involved in a crazy scene outside a Chickasaw Store last week.

Police say Antonio Weaver, Chada Horsley, and Shundarris Whitsett are all facing several charges.

Weaver and another teen are accused of robbing Horsley’s 14-year-old son on 11th Avenue Thursday.

Investigators say the two stole a splatter gun.

Captain Tommie McDuffie says Horsley and her boyfriend, Whitsett, showed up to the Neighborhood Store to confront the two teens, and say several shots were fired during the confrontation.

No one was shot.

Both Horsley and Whitsett face reckless endangerment and two counts of harassment.

Weaver is charged is 4th-degree theft.


CHICKASAW, Ala. (WALA)- A wild story coming out of Chickasaw Thursday night.

Investigators say four people were detained after a fight and several shots were fired at the Neighborhood Store on Thompson Boulevard.

One man still on the loose, after police say he fled the scene after firing several shots in the store’s parking lot.

According to investigators, a call came in about a robbery at 5:22 p.m. on 11th Avenue.

Captain Tommie McDuffie with CPD says the victim was robbed by two other teenagers.

McDuffie says the victim went home to tell his mother what happened and she wanted to confront them, so the two went out looking for them.

Investigators say the two accused robbers were sitting in the parking lot at the Neighborhood Store when the mother and her son confronted them, that’s when a fight ensued between the teenagers.

Captain McDuffie says the mother went to her car to grab her handgun and fired several shots in the air to break up the fight but did not hit anyone.

It doesn’t end there.

According to investigators, the mother’s boyfriend shows up and gets involved in a fight with the teenagers.

“The boyfriend of the mother then pulls up, punches were thrown by him at two of the teenagers that were a part of the robbery,” McDuffie explained. “They get to fighting. Dad pulls out from what I understand was an assault rifle and fires off some rounds as well but again he left the scene prior to us controlling and securing the area.”

McDuffie says they are looking for the boyfriend. Police have his name and car.

They went by his house but he was not there.

The mother, her son, and the two teens accused of robbing him were all detained on scene.

No one was shot or injured according to police.